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Guild Charter

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Player and Character

It is important to understand the difference between a player of PWI and a character of PWI. A player of PWI is the

real life person who plays the game PWI using their own personal computer and Internet connection. A character of

PWI is a figment of a player's imagination and is that player's persona and adventurer. There can only be one

player, but that one player may have an endless amount of characters.

Guild Goals

The primary goal of the Bloodcult Guild is to assist people whenever we can. It is not a goal to seek out every

person out there and take away our own time for this. It is understood that all of us have the right to hunt on our

own or as a group. We all have the right to not go out of our way to help others. No one may require you to help

them. We all cannot play 24 hours a day to level up our characters. Therefore, it is a goal for all of us to

occasionally set aside time for helping others rather than hunting. If any player character of BloodCult does a

service for any other player character of BloodCult, absolutely no payment must be required. However, it is

required to say the universal two words of appreciation and gratitude, "thank you". This does not prohibit one from

selling items to guild mates, or offering monetary gifts for services.

It must be known that there are no beggars in the BloodCult family. A beggar refuses to work hard, and a person who

refuses to work hard has no place within our family.

The Rules of BloodCult

Note: Rules containing * may result in immediate ejection from BloodCult if violated. All other rules will result

in at least one warning of ejection if violated.

1.*All player characters of BloodCult must abide by the guild charter.

2. The BloodCult family does not discriminate real life players based on age, gender, handicap, race, color,

national origin, ethnic background, or physical location.

3.The personal real life of all players in PWI must remain private and undisclosed unless the player chooses on

their own free will and without coercion to reveal anything. No one is ever required to reveal personal or

information about themselves. If a player tries to harass another player into giving out personal

information, the offender will be ejected.

4.*Kill stealing/Chest Stealing/Mine Stealing is not being a good guildie at all and is not acceptable within

BloodCult. If anyone accidentally performs these acts, immediately notify the victim and apologize to him or her.

5.*Scamming another player character inside or outside BloodCult is not allowed for any reason. If any BloodCult

player is proven guilty to even attempt a scam whether or not it was successful, that player will be ejected


6.No player of BloodCult shall put another player into what is known as tell hell. "Tell hell" is to send numerous

tells to another player without respecting the other player's right to play on-line without being bothered

constantly. However, if the receiving player accepts your tells and does not feel bothered, then this rule has not

been violated.

7.All BloodCult players shall never do anything that would tarnish the reputation of the BloodCult family as a

whole or any individual player in or out of BloodCult. This includes but is not limited to libel, slander,

ridicule, or any false expressions of any kind.

8.*Sexual harassment of any kind will result in immediate ejection. Think before you speak or act. Think of the

other person first before you say or do something that may offend the other person.

9. No one is ever required to go out of their way for another. You have the right to decline assistance or service

to another player character who requests it from you. We must all understand that we all have the right to our own

fair amount of hunting time. However, if you are known to constantly decline services requested of you, then you

are defeating the goals of our family and you may be ejected.

10.One of the biggest problems of PWI is that spamming is rampant and plagues us everywhere. We must always try our

very best to never spam the /yell, general, auction, and /guild channels. Do not have a conversation with one

player using /yell, general, auction, and /guild when the /tell channel can easily be used. One of our goals is to

limit spamming if we cannot eliminate it. The BloodCult shall not gain a reputation as a spamming guild.

11.No one in the BloodCult family may beg for money, armor, or weapons from anyone inside or outside the guild. Our

family shall never produce beggars to be let loose. However, if someone gives you a gift on their own free will,

that is fully acceptable. For example, let's say your character is a young wizard and you really don't have much. A

stranger comes along and offers to give you the Black Velvet Robes as a gift. By all means, that would be

acceptable. But to go out and start asking people for handouts is a violation of this rule and this family. Beggars

must be given nothing at all.

12. No one is obligated to stay with the BloodCult family for any minimum amount of time. Any current BloodCult

player may leave the guild without any reason and does so on their own free will. However, the guild officers or

the GL reserve the right to at least ask the departing member the reason for leaving. The departing member also

reserves the right to leave without giving reason.

13. Buying or selling of characters is strongly discouraged. Selling can especially create problems because many of

our characters are the combined work of each member along with other guild members. Selling a character, along with

equipment earned through the combined efforts of many people, is detrimental to the guild. Accordingly, whether any

member buys or sells a character/account will be a major factor in determining whether a member may remain in good

standing (or be readmitted to the guild if they have left). In other words, it could be grounds for dismissal from

the guild (or to be denied readmission). It is also strongly encouraged that if any member does sell a

character/account, they take all reasonable steps to "donate" back to the guild any items they earned through the

efforts of other guild members or alliance members.

*14. Intentional griefing of another player is not tolerated and may result in deguilding upon first offense.

"Ganking" is not considered griefing, Corpse camping is. As players on the PvP server, killing KOS members is part

of the game, intentionally stopping or harassing an KOS member until the can no longer play is grounds for

deguilding. These incidences will be reviewed on a case by case bases.

15. "Leet speak" and "Dude speak" are frowned upon in guild chat and guild chat boards. Proper English is highly

encouraged in all guild interactions both internally and externally.

16.When playing, all members of BloodCult must be on Ventrilo – even if it is just in the quiet channel. Having a

microphone is not mandatory, but having the ability to quickly co-ordinate the guild at any time is a must for us.

17.If players choose to leave us or are ejected, it is exceedingly unlikely that they will be allowed to return to

the Faction – we, as a faction, attempt to invest significant time and effort developing every member’s character

to the best of our team ability, and do not wish to do this for other Factions’ gain!

Character Promotion

Only the guild leader and Director of BloodCult may promote a regular member to officer status. Promotions are

based upon the following:

Your pride of being a member of our family.
Your goals that you wish to accomplish for our family.
Your personality as a person, not necessarily as a character.
Your respect and honor for others inside our family and outside as well.
Your role-playing ability and skill.
Your communication skills.
Your length of time as an active member. Having more seniority does not matter.
Your devotion to the game as a whole and to our family.
Your character's experience level.

All new members begins as initiates. Following your 30 probationary period, if no guild members object, your main

character will become a member. You must post your intentions of changing mains on the guild website. A new main

promotion must be approved by the officers of the guild.

Loot rules

We operate a NBG system on guild event/party loots.


If any player of BloodCult has a problem or issue of any kind, please contact an officer or the GL of the guild

immediately. The high ranks must be fair to everyone at all times. There shall be no favoritism and all of us are

equal. "Officer" or "GL" is merely a title, but in actuality we all are the same as individuals. No one is better

than the other.

If you have a problem with any member of BloodCult or any issue you wish to resolve with our guild, please contact

an officer immediately. Please treat the officer the same way you wish to be treated. Explain carefully your

problem or issue to the officer. Email is a recommended form of communication because the /tell channel is limited.

Always understand that we are all human beings playing an on-line fantasy game. Nothing is to be taken too

seriously even though many of us are serious players.

One important note: If a player is causing a problem for you and you rather not choose to reveal who the offender

is, then in all honesty and fairness, nothing much can be done. This is due to the fact that no action can be taken

against the offender if the offender is not known.

After grieving your problem or issue, please give the officer a fair amount of time to act and resolve the matter.

Although it is the duty of the officer to resolve matters as quickly as possible, things still do take time.


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